Monday, October 15, 2007


Dear everyone,

Good news: we moved into our new house a week ago- finally and officially, meaning we are actually sleeping there now, instead of just paying rent while they continue to paint and remodel the house. Frankly, I couldn't stand the terrible stench of the oil paint. It gives me a headache after 30 seconds. So we kept staying at my parents house until the painting stopped and the odor died down. The smell still lingers several weeks later, but at least it's not headache-inducing. Perhaps you've heard me vent about this before, but now it's in writing: I am so very annoyed that the landlord and her little remodel crew chose to delay their remodel projects until the very day that we moved our things in and started paying rent. (PS that was back in late September! ...grumble grumble) The house was vacant for MONTHS before we moved in. Talk about procrastination. In the first 3 weeks we were paying rent, we slept there a total of 2 nights. Count 'em: TWO. And when this darling landlord sent me an email asking for my thoughts on the remodeling matter, I went ahead and shared my honest thoughts, and suggested that perhaps a slight deduction in rent might be appropriate for the inconvenience. She shot back with such a heated email, accusing us of not fully disclosing our financial situation and asking for a handout, and that if we won't be able to come up with the rent then we should possibly consider looking elsewhere to live because their ability to subsidize our rent is not great, and we better get these things ironed out before it's to late because when this is all over she'd still like to be able to count my mother as a friend... and on and on and on... GEEZ LADY! Talk about misinterpretation. I don't believe that's what I said at all. And since when does our rental arrangement have anything to do with her relationship with my mother? I've personally never met my landlord, but I suspect she's slightly unstable, to put it kindly. She lives in Minnesota while her husband is doing his medical fellowship at the Mayo Clinic, and yet she still tries to micromanage everything that goes on from 10 states away. What a nut. She also sent me a list of things she expects from us. My favorite was "I would prefer that you not have any large parties or gatherings, and I would like you to let me know before you have guests over. Guests will do much more damage to your home that you would never do." So I'm supposed to call my landlord in Minnesota to get permission for every baby shower, movie night, and before the home teachers come over? I'll try to remember. Hopefully I can find her number.

{sigh} It's good to have that off my chest. Thanks guys.

On to the disclaimer: Now that we are in our new home, we are not currently set up with our chosen cable and internet package. Rhett is currently researching all providers to see who has the best HD options for all the games he wants. I couldn't care less as long as I can watch Prison Break and Survivor and update my blog now and then. But for now, no internet. Hence the lame wallpaper post stood strong for more than 2 weeks. I really apologize for that. But I now apologize for the near future of the blog. I cannot promise a regular update for the next few weeks. Confession~ I'm writing this blog from the computer lab at school. I don't intend to frequent this place for the sake of blogging.

So that's about it ladies and gents! You're all invited over for a tour once the fresh coats of oil paint stop stinking.