Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4th of July '09

I neglected to post about the 4th of July. It was such a blast, spent in Huntsville with the Buttars fam. I absolutely adore the Buttars family, and I love their hometown of Huntsville, aka paradise, so I couldn't have asked for a better 4th of July. Our dear friends Holly & Aaron Gough joined us with their cute kids. It was so much fun.


Rhett & his brother Wyatt:

Dallin came down from Logan - love you Dall! Miss you.

The gorgeous Gough family:

Kohyn's self-portrait which I found days later on the camera :)

Rhett & his bro Nathan:

My darling sister-in-law Olivia w/a sleeping Asher:

Close-up. How does he sleep like that?

Olivia and I having an intellectual conversation on the tube.
We're so deep.

And the finale of our day: fireworks from the lake.
I love the reflection of the fireworks on the water.

Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

man, ten years... really?

While still in disbelief that 10 years have passed since high school, I had such a blast at our 10 year reunion. The party had been over for at least a half hour when I think Dana had the idea to take a group shot of all the graduates. So if you left promptly, then you missed this photo opp:

CLASS OF '99 (a handful of them, at least):

Lydia -I was especially sad that you were not in the picture! So here's your shout-out:
(stolen straight from your blog! -thanks-)
Ah, Shanna - my idol. We all pressured her (peer pressure at its prime!) into singing to raise money for the reunion fund. This little ditty earned at least 60 bucks. Well done, girl. Genie in a Bottle never sounded so good.

Shanna modeling my new favorite feature of Weber State:

Publicly posted in-your-face hand sanitizers! I'm a big fan of sanitation.

Applied with perfect form:

So nice.

Around 10pm when the clean-up staff at the ballroom was ready to kick us out, we spontaneously moved the party to Red Mango in Layton. Heaven bless Red Mango and their cap'n crunch on the side.

Dana, Lydia, Angie, & Lacey were all obviously missing from this little late night partay. {{WE MISSED YOU! }} So we have, from left: Lori Lessig Tanner, Haley Wiseman Haymore, Marci McKinstry Webb, Shanna my idol Taggart, Allison McKinstry Barben, and Natalie Durbano Buttars.
But don't be sad you missed the talk-talk-talking till the place closed at midnight. No. Be sad you missed this:
And so may I suggest... let's not wait ten more years, eh?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

you can't be serious

I sold some of our old textbooks on yesterday. I was so excited. I've never sold anything electronically before. It was pretty slick, I've gotta say I'm impressed with the system. I posted the ads at 4:00, and by 6:00 I had made $250 bucks! So I was pleased, to say the least. They were just sitting in a box taking up space, and now that box equals cash in my pocket! Can I get a hip hip hooray for
Let's move on to part II of the story: I wanted to provide excellent service to my new textbook shoppers, knowing that if they're anything like me, they probably waited until the last minute to buy their books and need them in a hurry. I always appreciate it when things get shipped quickly. Golden rule, right? So I trot on into my local post office, look around for the shipping supplies, only to notice that the entire place looks like closing time at Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving. It looks like it's been ransacked. So I grudgingly take my spot at the back of the line, wait patiently for my turn, and then ask for 4 bubble-pack envelopes to ship textbooks in. Without blinking, the post office guy tells me, "They're cheaper at Wal-Mart." Great service, buddy. Way to stand behind your product. I'd rather die than set foot in a Wal-Mart, so tell him that's fine, I'll take four. Then he gets all anxiety-ridden as if I'd set a gun on the counter and said 'gimme all your money.' He tells me he's not sure they have the size I need, and he's not sure how many they have, but he continues to just stand there staring at me, not actually checking his stock or looking anywhere... as if he's doing all he can to persuade me to leave. I didn't just stand in line for 10 minutes for you to convince me to drive somewhere else and then come back and wait in line again. It's not worth the $1.13 I might save. So I give him my best pleasantly-expecting-you-to-fix-it look (trust me, it's darling), and he says, "Let me go in the back and see what we have." Bullseye. Turns out they have THREE envelopes left that I could use. But I need one real big envelope for a fat accounting book. They're out. So when the post office runs out of envelopes, isn't that kind of like a bank running out of money? It's madness. I had to drive to Target, buy some bubble envelopes, drive back to the post office, and wait in line again. No wonder they're almost bankrupt. Sheesh.

Monday, August 3, 2009

happy birthday handsome.

Yesterday was Rhett's birthday!

We celebrated tonight with dinner at Fleming's. There's a little candle burning on that dessert plate, see? They melted the candle right onto the plate. I thought it was cute.

And for Rhett's birthday, I wanted to highlight some of his sexiest moments. (Please, read on. I swear I won't make you barf.)
I love it when you make me breakfast in the morning.
And I love how you always try to prove that you can crack the eggs with one hand.

I love how intelligent you look in glasses. And I love how much you love your dad.

I love that you always slay the spiders for me.

I love how you danced with your Grandma at your brother's wedding. She had the time of her life.

I love you as a one-handed pyramid base.

I love how much you love your family.

I love how other people's kids always love you. I know you'll be a great dad someday.

I love the dimple on your right cheek.

I love how much you love the RhettSki.

I love that you're not too big to sit on Santa's lap with me.

I love that you pedaled the tandem bike pretty much the whole way across the Golden Gate Bridge, since I was much too distracted taking pictures to contribute.

I think your karate kid is hot.

I love you because you love me in all my nerdyness, and I love you because you're just as nerdy as me. I'm proud to have you as my man.