Wednesday, June 17, 2009

so I like pink cupcakes.

A few birthday highlights:

They're gorgeous, aren't they? (the cupcakes, I mean)

I like to wear my birthday hat unicorn-style!
I feel like, in this picture, I look like the wicked queen in Snow White (a stylish blonde version please) offering you an apple (cupcake).

Pink cupcakes - cherry chip to be quite specific - are all I asked for for my B-day. It's not all I got, but it's all I asked for. I also received the orange half of the yellow and orange slip n' slide, which my dear father gave to us and REQUIRED that we test it out to show him our appreciation. 8pm in the shade is not very warm, I don't care if its June. My participation is not documented. But I swear to you, it happened. Just imagine RT in the middle of the family BBQ, and that's how wonderful it was.

The twin bro:

My darling husband Rhett:

Ginger the master mind-melter, politely asking for a taste of my food:

And, in true big-brother style, here's Nate blowing out all but one of the candles. He started before the birthday song was over! You can see the disappointment written all over my face.

Maybe the rest of you have never had to share your birthday candles. But in twin-land, that's bad form.

A few choice shots of Nate breaking in the slip'n'slide:

(he's totally hogging my orange side)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

the shelf life of mustard

Dear Friends,

We have a fascinating topic to discuss. As you may well know, mustard has a lengthy shelf life. Seriously, what is it? YEARS. Really. I don't think I've ever seen it go bad. Do you ever find yourself sniffing the mustard before you use it... "Honey, smell this - is it still good?" No. You don't. And so today, as I squeezed out the last unwilling splatters of mustard upon my delicious soon-to-be sandwich, I was amazed to discover that my mustard is best by JUN 11 09..... that's TODAY! What are the odds that I would use all of my mustard (which has traveled with me to two homes now - what a dear friend) on the very day that it is "best used by?" That's what I call amazing amazingness.

Yours truly,
Amazing Natalie

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a preview of things to come

I have not the time, but the desire to blog about these things.

enticed? come back soon.