Monday, December 5, 2016

if you've been on the fence, it's time to hop down

Hi, Happy Monday!

I'm sending this out to my friends and family for 2 reasons:
1) Because I actually truly care.
2) Because this is what I do for a living... {supporting 3 kids and a husband in medical school doesn't come cheap, you know?}

No pressure, but if you have ever thought about going solar, you may want to consider taking another look at it sometime in the next, say... 77 hours.

(i.e.... NOW.) 

Rates & fees imposed by Rocky Mountain Power to all future solar customers will increase dramatically for anyone who is not "grandfathered in" to the previous rate structure by this Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016 at 11:59pm.

Rocky Mountain Power wants to substantially raise the cost for any future solar customers to such an extent that it could - quite literally - put the residential solar industry out of business in the state of Utah.  Unfortunately, this is not just a scare tactic - I wish it were.  Similar legislation has already passed in Nevada, Hawaii, and Arizona.  

Their petition would effectively make it much more expensive to invest in this great planet-friendly, money-saving energy solution. (Apparently, your power company now wants to control the sun as well.)

The good news?

Sign one little paper for me (it's called a Net Metering agreement) by Thursday night, and I'll submit it before midnight... and then you're in.  Should you then decide to invest in a SUNPOWER by LEGEND SOLAR system, you will have already been permanently grandfathered in to the existing fee structure, which is extremely favorable.

If you're tired of the rate increases, and uncertain about where rates will be in 5, 10, or 20 years, you need to take a serious look at our solar options:

•Nothing out-of-pocket/Zero down, financing as low as 1.99%
•By far the industry's best 25-year warranty (production + equipment + labor) - no one else comes close (read the warranties)
•Quick return on your investment
•We are the ONLY company to guarantee your production - as in, if your solar doesn't produce what we say it will, and you're still getting a power bill - we pay it for you
•We clean and polish your panels twice per year for free
•You control your energy future by owning your power, instead of essentially renting power for the rest of your life from the power company

P.S.  Did you realize that your current power bill goes away, and is simply substituted by a solar bill of similar cost, except the solar bill goes away after a few years? Then you have NO power bill, and free power for life!  Hooray!  So if you're thinking, "I'd like solar, but I want to ______(fill in the blank)______ first, {i.e. finish the basement, pay for college or a wedding, landscape the yard, sail around the world, etc.} don't wait. Seriously, don't. It's crazy not to invest the exact same amount (or less) you're currently paying for power, to a solar system that you'll eventually pay off.  Does the power company let you stop paying your power bill after you've paid into it for 5, 10, 15 years?  Nope. 
They’ve got you locked into a lifetime contract that can never be paid off, never goes away, and increases annually by an average of 6-8%, depending on the year.  There is no return on investment, and you never break even.
What do you need to do? 3 simple steps:
1.  Take a photo or screenshot of your latest power bill & text or email it to me.
2.  I'll be in touch with a quick "Power Brief" where we will lay out all of the facts and see if it makes sense for you.
3.  We will get your Net Metering Agreement signed and submitted to Rocky Mtn. Power before the deadline.

The following links will give you more information on the Rocky Mountain Power proposal:

Call, text, or email if you have any questions.

All the Best & Merry Christmas, 

~Natalie Buttars~
Energy Consultant
Legend Solar | SunPower Elite Dealer
C: are code (eight zero one) 820 0112

{Actually, let me just tell you:  send me someone who gets solar, & I'll pay you $500 cash.  On the $pot.  It's $o simple.  $o... it could be well worth your while to ca$ually mention $olar to your neighbor/coworker/hair$tylist,etc.}
What makes SunPower the best? Click here to find out: SunPower Facts


Please check out these quick, informative SunPower Videos:

SunPower Reliability


Friday, April 24, 2015

Sandy diapers and a Medical Degree

Ah, life.  Life is wild and WE, my friends, are certifiably crazy.  So, here's what's happening in our world: My husband Rhett has decided, after over a decade in finance, that his calling in life is to be a doctor.  So guess who is starting medical school in the Caribbean in TEN days?  That's right, Rhett Buttars.  In other news, I am 8.473 months pregnant and having our third child in TWENTY days (or less, as my babies historically come 2-3 weeks early!).  However, I will NOT be delivering a child in the Caribbean.  I'll hang back here and have her on American soil, and then join my husband in a month or two, whenever I feel ready to move our 3 children across the ocean to a tiny - though beautiful - island.  So there's our newsflash.  For a Q & A, keep reading...

Typically, when we tell people, the same questions arise:

1.  So is he going to be there for the birth?
   - Possibly.
2.  So is he going to miss the birth?
     - Probably.  I'm not above Skyping it.  So if you'd like to watch also (you perv), then just call your old hacker buddy, and figure that out, mmmkay?
3.  Why the Caribbean?
     - So Rhett can start immediately.  He started his college career pre-med, so he's got the pre-reqs done.  But they are all about 15 years old.  And US Med Schools put an expiration date on their pre-reqs, typically 5-7 years.  Carribean Med Schools accept Rhett's old dusty pre-reqs.  So he can start now!  
4.  How long will you live in the Caribbean, and which island?
Anguilla, circled in RED.  Tiny little dot, right middle.
     - Only 16 months on the island of Anguilla (across from St. Martin, just east of Puerto Rico), followed by 2 years of clinicals in Chicago.  So we will be back to the US before my oldest even starts Kindergarten.
5.  Can he practice in the United States when he's done? 
     - Absolutely.  This Caribbean School only takes US and Canadian students, and their education is geared to pass all US Boards.  He will have to pass all American tests.  The more people we talk to, the more I learn that far more doctors went to Caribbean schools than I realized.  
6.  Are you excited?  
     - Mostly.  Rhett is happier than he has ever been, and so that makes me happy.  I'm always up for an adventure.  The timing is truly horrible, which obviously complicates things.  So I'm a little nervous, a little overwhelmed, and mostly excited.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bachelor Doppelgänger

All right world – it’s time for a little fun.  Meet my very awesome younger brother Dallin, aka the Doppelganger of the current Bachelor, Sean!   

Doppelgänger definedSomeone that looks
the exact same as another person, yet not a twin. 
What do you think?  Dallin is 27, Sean is 28.  In my opinion, he looks just like him!  This has given me an idea.    I’ve put this off long enough (as in, almost the entire season of the Bachelor).   

Who wants to play matchmaker with me, Mormon-style?  

No alcohol, no overnight dates, and seriously---crazies need not apply.   There's got to be some drama-free darlings left in this world, right?

Let’s start off with some bare-minimum requirements for the ladies:
1.     Age 21 or over, no exceptions*
2.     Spiritual
3.     Confident
4.     Fun

Cave in Mexico
You might be a good match for Dallin as long as you can handle a guy who is super spiritual, highly intelligent, tall (6 feet exactly), blonde, handsome, buff, service-oriented, hilariously funny, outgoing, athletic, spontaneous, driven and ambitious - owns his own little business, has a college degree in Engineering/Pre-Med, just took the MCAT and is currently working 2 jobs in preparation to go to med school…
Let's see, what else? World-traveled, awesome uncle, goes to the temple often, RM, and respects women. Always the peacemaker in our family.  Led a team that built a school in Mexico for his chosen spring break vacation.  Politically active.  Incredible snowboarder and wakeboarder... I could go on. But with all this to his name, he'd probably never tell you about it because he's super humble. The kindest guy...

His name is Dallin Durbano. And given that he is my little brother, you may think that makes me biased.  But I'm telling you, he is an UNbiased 10. So if you think you or someone you know should go out with a 10, then lets line it up!  I’m hoping a girl with her head on straight will apply.  ;)  I’d like to see my brother happy with a nice girl.
Tubing - Lake Powell

Cliff Jumping
(Dallin is 2nd from the left)
Lake Powell
Tarzan-style-vine swinging in Hawaii
Wakeboarding at Lake Powell

Driving in Moab

INSTRUCTIONS: Email me at natbuttars at gmail dot com with your age, location (city), a picture, and a brief explanation about yourself, your interests, your education and/or job, and why you’d be a fun match for my brother.  Please put "DATE DALLIN" in the subject line.  Yes, a picture is required or at least a link to your facebook profile.  Or both.  Please submit by no later than midnight MST on Sunday, March 10, 2013.  Then hopefully we can have some lucky dates chosen by St. Patrick's Day!  Thanks!  

P.S.  I am one who thinks blind dates are a fantastic idea, given that I met my husband on a blind date.  And if you think this is a crazy way to get lined up, just know that my blind date was arranged by none other than my dear ole Grandma {she has great taste!}.  So crazier things have happened… and worked out!

JOSH, age 22
*If you have someone fabulous but under 21 that you would like to line up with my brother, I would be happy to set them up with my very stellar 22-year-old brother, Josh.  Dallin is slightly tired of dating the super young girls.  Hey, they could double!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

Introducing our baby boy!

Rhett and I are proud to announce the birth of our baby boy!

Sterling Rhett Buttars
born 11/12/12
at 9:21pm
8 lbs 10 oz
21 1/2 inches long