Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Today I feel the need to publicly apologize to my dear friend, Wentworth Miller. As the rest of you undoubtedly know, last night was the winter premiere of Prison Break. Being the devout fan that I am (not to mention a personal friend of Wentworth's, see undoctored photo below), I naturally T-Vo'd it to avoid missing a moment of it. When I returned home from work at 8:00pm, it took every ounce of my patience to wait 2 whole minutes for the microwave to finish warming my leftovers before I raced to the TVo remote. I'm pretty sure Rhett was just as excited as I was to bond with Wentworth during another heartwarming episode of Prison Break, even though he became easily distracted by an editing project on his laptop, and felt the need to sort some laundry before starting our favorite show. But finally, the joyous moment arrived, and as I scrolled through my playlist, Prison Break was nowhere to be found. Surely this must be a cruel joke. But alas, it had not recorded. As I chaotically pushed buttons on the remote, trying to force it to produce Wentworth, Rhett gently snatched the remote from my hands and found a clever little TVo feature called the "Priority List." There, at the bottom, was Prison Break... listed at #17. It was scheduled to record, but had been trumped by reruns of Scrubs. My heart was broken.

And so, I am sorry Wentworth. It will never happen again.

For those of you who are fighting the tears, don't worry, this story has a happy ending. We promptly drove up to my parents' house and watched it on their TVo. They've got their priorities straight.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

it was the traffic, I swear

Can you believe I neglected to watch the weather last night? What was I thinking? When I opened the garage door this morning to back outta there, I was dumbfounded at 5 inches of snow waiting for me on the driveway. I was generally delighted, as I am infatuated with the snow (see 2 posts back), however my commute became complicated.

I've watched the odometer before, and I live but a mere 25 miles from the U Hospital. And so, imagine my stupor and amazement that the drive could have possibly taken 2 hours! I left an hour early, and arrived an HOUR late! Praise the heavens they were so understanding. Everyone was so cool about it, and my dear co-workers picked up my slack until I got there so nobody noticed we were a man short for an hour. Hallelujah. Let it snow.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Today I feel grateful.

I am overwhelmed by my feelings of gratitude for every aspect of my life. All of the good, and even the not-so-good, is a blessing in my life. I have been more abundantly blessed than I could ever possibly deserve.

The Gospel is my anchor, and it is where I find my strength, my joy, my peace, and my direction.

I have an amazing family that I could not live without. They've made me who I am.

I can truthfully say that I have fantastic in-laws that I look forward to seeing, which seems quite remarkable.

I really like my job, and even though I'll never appreciate getting up at 5:00 in the morning, I still really enjoy what I do once I get there.

I have somehow managed to aquire the best friends in the whole wide world. If we were in 5th grade and I tried to buy a friendship necklace for us to share, instead of having one side that says "BE FRI" and one side that says "ST ENDS," I'd have to break it into so many pieces that everyone would get a mere fraction of a letter. Thanks to all of you for being my best friends.

Rhett is the love of my life, and the best husband I could ever dream of. What's more, not only do I love him, but I genuinely like him. He is my perfect match, and I feel like I've won the man-lottery to have found him in this world. And then I'm reminded that I didn't find him - my grandma found him for me, and I literally thank the Lord for her for setting us up on the blind date that changed my life. Rhett is my knight in shining armor. He treats my like gold and he makes me laugh. He opens doors for me, and he cooks me pasta-roni when I've had a long day. He lets me put my freezing toes on him at night when we go to bed, and he plugs my phone into the charger when I fall asleep. He calls me from work just to say hi. Sometimes I'm hard to live with, and he just keeps on loving me.

And so, today I feel grateful.