Monday, November 24, 2008

before the rush...

Before the rush of Thanksgiving-Christmas-NewYears settles in and life becomes a complete blur, I've got some catching up to do. I have many neglected and un-blogged stories to tell and sun-filled pictures to flaunt before the first flakes fall. I, for one, am a winter lover. I'm frankly quite disappointed that there's not a foot of snow outside already. I prefer winter to start late September and continue through early May. But that's just me. So before I start rejoicing with each new snowfall, I thought I'd share one last glimpse of summertime. Glorious summertime.

Lake Powell, gotta love it.

Rhett celebrated an uneasy birthday for him while we were camping up in Idaho with our good friends Holly and Aaron Gough. Aaron had his birthday that weekend, too. It was camping birthday madness, I tell you. This glitter-tastic poster and some tree streamers were the best little surprise I could come up with out in the sticks while sharing a tent with the birthday boy. Frankly, it was hard to keep it hidden. And I had to wander off into the forest to apply the glitter, which was very difficult in the wind, by the way.

Rhett's coolest birthday present of all time:

Meet the RhettSki, the newest member of our family.
I found this sweet little baby on KSL. The flourescent streaks with purple accents make it especially hardcore.

Rhett surfing at Lake Powell

Me 1.37 seconds before falling while attempting to surf.

Meet Aaron and Holly Gough! A stunning couple if you ask me.
And there's my twin bro, Nate, flexing in the background.

Like this sweet boat? It's for sale and it's beautiful! I think it would make an excellent stocking-stuffer for that special someone on your list.

Aaron, below, surfing well. He and Holly put the rest of us to shame.

My studly younger brothers: Dallin and HEED (aka Josh). No need to explain where Heed's nickname came from. It's like an orange on a toothpick.

Hairy hand=unknown.

Below, Daddy D, aka THE CAP'N, showing off his mad air-chair skills.

Ever tried this boys? It's wicked hard. And my dad is a master.

Rhett, Nate, and Venessa on the Super Screamer... and it really is.

Best water slide of all time courtesy of ambitious boys with shovels:

They had a generator hooked up to a water pump carrying water to the top of the slide, then they rode a body board down and went shooting off the massive mound of dirt they had piled up as a jump at the bottom. They got terrifying amounts of air. These are strangers, by the way. They said they have a video of it on youtube, which they shouted to us from the shore. Heck if I heard what they said.

And my favorite part of Powell '08: THE CRACK.

I don't know how we found this place or if we could ever find it again in the future, but it was AMAZING. The pictures don't even capture it.

Dallin peeking out of the crack.

Nat & Rhett, Sarah and Mom

Nate & Venessa

us again

Heed & Dane. Dane is one of my awesome cousins.

The crew. Minus me, of course. I'm taking the picture.

Gosh I love this guy:

What the heck- window in the rock. So random.

Goodbye, sweet sunshine. May your reflection off the crunchy snow be the next I see of you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Did you see it YET?!?

Let's see...

Exactly two hours and 43 minutes until the midnight showing of Twilight! Mock me if you must, but - -





I have the tickets right here in my hot little hand. My oh-so-darling little sister in law got them for me weeks ago. (Thanks Brooke!) I'm heading up to the O-town to watch it with about a dozen girls from the Buttars/Saunders super-cool batch of hot ladies.

Who the heck even cares if we all have work early tomorrow morning? Irrelevant.

Hurry up and see it so we can discuss!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

You know what ruins Christmas music?

Christmas music the day after Halloween ruins Christmas music. By the time Christmas actually rolls around, I'm so sick of the songs I can't enjoy what started as very nice music.

Dear KOSY and FM100: you bug me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

it's an ipod ad, get it?

This was Rhett's costume. He came up with this Friday morning before work. Pretty creative, I thought. He won the costume contest at work! Good job Rhett!

However, sometimes a good idea taken too far can become a bad idea.
Exhibit A:

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and be the white-with-black ipod version. Not nearly as successful. But we still had fun. After about an hour of explaining my costume over and over, I abandoned the ipod all together and said I was a ghost. This went over much better.

Hands down, best costume of the night goes to this clever little trick-or-treater:

(lights on)

(lights off)

Well done, kid. Well done.

Everyone please post your halloween pictures! I'm dying to see them.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008