Thursday, July 30, 2009

calling all Lancers

By request of my dear friend Haley (Wiseman) Haymore, I am sending this out there to the Class of 99:

If you are planning on coming to the 10-year class reunion on AUGUST 8th (and you really should!), please buy your tickets this week on the class blog at:
They are trying to get a reliable head count by this weekend to submit to the caterers for the dinner, which is hard to do if everyone pays at the door. So save yourself $10 and buy your tickets right now! It's so easy. They have a PayPal account set up for it.

However, if you are PayPal phobic for any reason, or you simply insist on paying more at the door to prove you're a high-roller, at a minimum, please RSVP to Haley at and let her know you and your guest are coming so they can have enough food to feed everyone! It's the least you could do, right?

And please pass this on to all your LHS friends who may be coming. (Please highlight the RSVP part!) Send out a mass email, post it on facebook, post it on your blog... you know, network, people!

This is a choice opportunity to hob-nob with yours truly. That ought to be motivation enough. I'll see you there!

P.S. I am willing to cater to your laziness. (I know, I know, you're swamped.) Just leave me a comment here telling me you are coming and I will pass it on to the powers that be!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

consider yourselves warned

I was at my dad's office when one of the secretaries in the law firm came in asking for a broom:
How did this broad-daylight act of vandalism happen, you ask?
A disgruntled coworker? She took someone's parking spot? Maybe she owes someone drug money? Or a drive-by fruiting, perhaps?

None of the above. The culprit:
A little mini-can of aerosol deoderant. She had one in her car with the windows up. It got too hot, exploded, and blew out her back window.
And now you know.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

97 years and still gorgeous

Meet Carmela Durbano, my great-grandmother.
She celebrated her 97th birthday on the 24th of July.
Look at her - can you believe she's 97? She's gorgeous! I love her - she's amazing. And she's wearing this trendy necklace - she's holding it out to me because I told her it's so high fashion. She's just so darling.

Below is my Dad with his 97 yr. old Grandma Nona. Nona is Italian for Grandma, and sweet Carmela is 100% full-blood Italian. (And proud of it, as you can see - Italian flag hanging on the piano, Italian tablecloth... Italy was the theme of the party!)
And that's Father Cummings - a good friend of the family (half the fam's Catholic).

Rhett & Natalie with Grandma Carmela.

The fam, minus a couple of slacker brothers (Josh & Dallin!) who left the party before we took this picture.

Sarah made a slideshow DVD of the trip to Italy we all took as a family, and gave it to her for her birthday present. We showed it to her and everyone there at the party. It was awesome. Sarah did such a good job. Out of all of the pictures from Italy, this is definitely one of my favorites:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

new ink

What can you get for a dollar these days?

The most amazing tats money can buy, courtesy of the face-painting booth at the Rasmussen family reunion.
Special Thanks to Katie Taggart, the artistic visionary.

Mine's kind of sissy, while Rhett's is especially hardcore:

I've always dreamed of having my name painted on the belly of a monkey.

Monday, July 20, 2009

more fat rolls please

I cannot get over the cuteness of this puppy. She belongs to a good friend of my sister, Sarah. She's an English Bulldog named Kokany, but I like to call her Kenny for short. I have several new holes in the bottom of my jeans and puncture wounds on my ankle from her sharper-than-piranha teeth, but I still love this rolly poley chubber.

Monday, July 13, 2009

look what I found

Loooook: Documented proof that I actually DID particpate in the mandatory slip-n-sliding against my will on the celebrated day of my birth. Don't let the big fat cheeser on my face fool you. I hated e v e r y m i n u t e of it. And not because I'm some kind of fun-hating killjoy either. I'm the first to stand up and defend the coolness of a slip 'n' slide. But because I am a cold-hating, anti-cold, body-heat-loving kind of girl who doesn't like to be cold. And this was the first day of June, in the shade as the sun was setting, and I don't know if any of you remember an entire straight month of rain... It was not warm on June 1st. So I don't want any of you haters suggesting that I'm being a big baby. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

Stole this slip 'n' slide pic right off my sister-in-law Venessa's blog, by the way. She snapped this shot on her camera, but I thought this along with all her birthday pics were lost forever locked inside her camera at the bottom of the Snake River in Burley, Idaho. And it was!

So sad.

But they went back up there ten days later and snorkeled for it, and Eureka! Nate found it! The camera strap was wrapped around a reed or something. And this is a testimonial to the Olympus Waterproof Camera, my friends.

{{The Olympus Stylus 850 SW - there are hot deals to be had on eBay right now, I highly recommend it.}}

That thing was at the bottom of a murky muddy river for TEN DAYS and it still works perfectly, no pictures lost, no battery damage! I found this most amazing camera at Best Buy several years ago, and I've had a blast with it ever since. And I've convinced many family members that it is worth purchasing: Nate & Venessa got a cool orange one, Chance & Emily got the blue one, Nate & Angie (the Nate from the Buttars side) have the original sleek silver one. And Rhett and I just got a new blue one to boot since I "lost" ours in Park City. (I didn't lose it. I left it on the nightstand in our hotel room, but it was never "turned in" by the housekeepers. I called many times and finally gave up.)

So my bro Nate just ordered an official Olympus floater-thing to hold the camera up. Which brings me to the worst part of the whole story:

They had a keychain floater thing attached to thier camera just in case! They tried to be prepared!

But it was not enough to keep it afloat. The camera was too heavy. So now we know that it takes 2 floater keychain things OR the official Olympus-made floater. And I love saying the word floater. It just sounds gross every time.

Friday, July 10, 2009

what the google?

I went to google something today, and their google logo was this cool crazy lightning business. I like it. But is there something significant today that I don't know about that this funky design relates to? Is it the anniversary of wind energy or something? Jekyll & Hyde's birthday? I'm stumped.
I guess it's possible that they can do fun things simply for the fun of it. I'm just sending this out there to see if anyone knows the significance. I'll take your best guess.