Wednesday, September 30, 2009

that sign definitely doesn't apply to you.

Allow me to set the stage.

In case you haven't recently been to the new and huge Student Union Building at Weber State, which cost millions and millions of dollars, and is undoubtedly a big part of the reason my tuition keeps going up, it was built with the theme "students please hang out here so we can try to make Weber State cool." There are couches and tables and chairs absolutely everywhere. (Of course they are all purple, why would you even ask that?) And so people sit, lounge, sleep, chat, shriek, yell, high-five each other, talk loudly on cell phones, etc. I have no problem with this behavior, as that seems the obvious design and intent of the building. HOWEVER, in a distant upstairs corner of the building in a room with glass walls and one door, there is a room very clearly labeled "QUIET STUDY LOUNGE." It's painted on the glass and it reaches from one end of the wall to the other. How could anyone miss that?

Moving on. My butt has been planted in the far corner of this room for at least 3 hours now. And I have encountered several people who are illiterate or stupid or both. In order of appearance:

  • Short guy with the long mullet who came into this quiet study room with no other purpose than to hit on me. He lingered outside the room a moment (glass walls, remember?) as I watched him decide to come in. He meandered past many empty couches, tables, and chairs toward my distant table in the back corner. He pulled out the chair right next to me and sat down (gutsy, I'll give him that). He must have quickly spied the ring on my finger, (but too late - he was already committed) since his first question - loud - was "So how long have you been married?" I answered in the tiniest breathy whisper I could to helpfully illustrate his inappropriate volume. "Lucky guy," he says, still using his confident loud voice. He asks what I'm working on, and I tell him a project that's due in an hour. Still didn't take the hint that I'm incredibly busy and definitely bothered by his intrusion. He asks half a dozen mindless smalltalk questions at full volume. By now, other studiers in the quiet room are looking over and watching, as they can no longer study with this going on. So I ask confident mullet, "Did you come in here just to talk to me?" No answer. "Because this is a quiet study room, and so I don't think we're supposed to talk in here." He extended his hand for a handshake, and said "Nice to meet you," even though neither of us had exchanged names, and he left. I got a few sympathy glances and smiles from nearby eavesdroppers.
  • Study group of 3 guys from probable middle-eastern descent who also did not read the sign. They talked amongst themselves, answered a cell phone call, and enjoyed a grande bag of potato chips here in the quiet study lounge. And not just a little bag of chips from the vending machine. No. A big-ole bag from the grocery store. He brought that bad boy from home. Every time he enjoyed a bite I hated him a little more. It's not like you can reach into that bag silently. Nor can you chew Lay's crunchy potato chips without actually crunching.
  • I get that people need to do their jobs. I do. And yet I am absolutely astounded and more than slightly outraged that Mr. Vacuum Operator has decided that right now is for sure the best time to get his vacuum on in my quiet study safe place. He got every inch of this tan+purple mix carpet. He even pulled out all the chairs at the table I am sitting at (excluding the one held down by my bottom) and vacuumed all around my feet. He was very thorough. And all I could do was watch him, because I certainly could not feed my brain with this going on.

I am still sitting here in the quiet study lounge. I'm waiting for my night class to start in a half hour. But now I no longer wish to study, I only wish to belly-ache on this here blog. Good thing I brought my laptop.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I know classy when I see it

Nothing classes up the green minivan like spinners.

Monday, September 14, 2009

one last camping trip!

We went off on a slightly spontaneous end-of-summer camping trip up in Idaho w/Holly & Aaron a couple weeks ago. So fun. It was a great little escape before the taking on the grind of school again.

The setting was so gorgeous.

Holly & Aaron have become some of our best friends. They are so chill, and we seem to have everything in common. Plus, their kids are great - they have 3 boys and they are fun kids.

Some pictures!

Hide and seek - I win!

Aaron & Kohyn - -Kohyn surfs with his dad at the tender age of 5.

Holly & brand new Ryder. She's one hot mama.

You can tell how delicious these smores were just by looking at this kid.

Look at my hunky husband chopping wood for the fire. That Paul Bunyan look is so hot.

And for the most random finale of the trip - I saw peacocks on the side of the road as we drove away. So strange. It made me smile. Thanks Idaho!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I spy

One of my all time favorite games in the whole wide world: I spy! Combine people watching with boredom, and you've got an all-time classic! (WARNING: never play with those who lack a healthy sense of humor) Sooooooooo, while waiting forEVER for the Jon Schmidt concert to start at Thanksgiving Point, we decided to play a special version: I spy the BYU student. Spot the Zoobie! Super-Coug frenzy! You could call it so many things. It was delightfully entertaining. They just stick out like a sore thumb with a tucked in shirt.
One of my favorite offenders:

Polo buttoned right up to the tippy top! Tucked on in to the ever popular khakis, add sweatshirt around the waist = BINGO! I could not see his feet, but my mind conjurs up clear images of socks with sandals. And let us not overlook the barely-to-the-side part. It's possible that he's alumni - - I mean, that look is pretty dated.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

here's the thing

Ok, so I have a private blog that only me and my former Roommates from Ricks College (aka BYU Idaho) can see- it's called the Ladies of 209. And since it's private, I must confess, we can vent to our little hearts' content! It is so nice, honestly. I just can't do that on this blog, because you never know who might read it. Also, I take the liberty to, shall we say... freely explore my sense of humor on that great and wonderful private blog. I've just posted a little tidbit on said blog that may or may not be offensive to BYU students. It's just a social observation. And so my question is this: should I post it here? Do I dare?