Wednesday, April 29, 2009

in case you're off to Provo this weekend...

Women's Conference at BYU is this Thursday & Friday, April 30 - May 1. In case you're going to be there, make a special effort to attend Julie Beck's session at 9am on Friday at the Marriott Center. I hear the musical numbers are going to be magnificent.

You guys, we are singing at Women's Conference. It's going to be my mom, my sister Sarah, and I, plus my amazing cousins: Shanna, Lydia, BriAnne, Katie, Allison, Mindy, Jenny and my aunts Elaine and Evelyn. And lets not forget the little girls, Julia, Rachel, and Emma who sing a mini-solo that is my favorite part of the whole bit.

We are accompanied by a harp, flute, and cello. It is such a gorgeous arrangement, for which I have to give credit to the amazingly talented Annette Dickman.

To be honest, I wasn't nervous until about 30 seconds ago when I found this picture while searching for Women's Conference images.

I was picturing more of a quaint fireside. I know Women's Conference is huge, but I've never been, so I didn't really wrap my mind around the reality of what that means...... until now.

See you there!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

speaking of juevos

So I checked the status of the birds nest in the fake plant yesterday. If you'll recall from the Easter post below, there were 2 eggs in the nest on Easter. As of yesterday, there are 5 little eggs!

I also managed to sneak a picture of the little brown mama bird through the window. She's shy. I am very, very sneaky.

She flies away every time we open the door, but she doesn't go far. She just lands on this tree and watches us to make sure her eggs are ok.

More to come as things progress!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

does the easter bunny lay eggs?


aka Diesel, Nate and Venessa's "puppy." My dad calls him Diablo, and for good cause. His whipping tail can break bones.

The easter bunny got creative this year:

Can you see the easter basket inside the tractor bucket?

That was Dallin's basket... hidden by yours truly. Admittedly, I was proud of myself.

Sorry about the picture quality. Those windows were killing my photog skills.

Rhett was pleased with his easter basket score:

And I was quite pleased with mine:

Can you see those amazing nail polish colors? My toes are absolutely gorgeous right now.

My mom made sugar cookies and let all of us choose our own shapes. I went custom:

Tender, I know.
This is the most incredible part of all the easter festivities.
We had an easter egg hunt - in the dark with flashlights - which was awesome. LOVED it. But my mom hid an orange plastic egg in this fake plant next to the front door.

Then, check out what we found deep inside the plant as we were searching for our easter eggs:

Real eggs! There's a little brown bird that flies out of this plant every time we open the door. I think it's amusing that it chose this fake plant as the perfect spot to start a little family.
I plan to keep you posted on the progress of these little eggs. Don't worry, we won't touch them.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

because I am a Cranium master

I think these pictures speak for themselves.
You want to be on my team, that's all I'm saying.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you.

A link has been provided below whereby you may submit your praise.