Saturday, May 24, 2008

What gives?

My car got totally side-swiped at the hospital parking lot, while I was inside undoubtedly saving lives. This was not just a little tap tap tappy either. They got all along the back door and the back panel above the wheel. But they must not have noticed the loud scraping sound coming from my car crying out in pain, because they neglected to leave a note, which is particularly classy. My beautiful dark blue sparkling Honda Accord just doesn't sparkle the way she used to anymore. She's damaged goods, and she knows it. The light in her eyes is gone. She's less than a year old - she's just a child for heck's sake! Honestly, this was not my favorite surprise.

So I'm bugged. Scratch that, I'm hopping mad. Thanks for listening.

Oh yes, and I also got pulled over by the Highway Patrol while traveling delightfully fast on my way home from work today. I was really speeding, reveling in the wide open freedom of I-15 on an early Saturday morning. I was already merging onto the shoulder before he even had to turn his lights on, I knew I was toast. I also could not find my insurance card ("I know it's in here somewhere..."), and Mr. Police Officer let me off with a verbal warning and a slap on the hand.

Take that, Murphy's Law.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a fascinating story

I rotated the glasses today. When we had a dishwasher, it would take up to 2 weeks for it to become full enough to actually run the thing. But now that we don't have a dishwasher, dishes in the sink for longer than a day drive me nutty. It's not hard to keep up on with only 2 of us. So today as I was washing the few glasses we had used, I became bothered that we continually use the same 2 or 3 glasses and the ones in the back of the cupboard never get used. Terrified to one day find they've collected dust, I rotated the glasses. Like I said, fascinating.

Which reminds me of a random tidbit from San Francisco: we went to church there and found ourselves in the dental student ward. Pretty much all couples our age with toddlers crawling all over the benches. We had several surprise visits from underneath the bench from these adventurous tots. Anywho- a very nice young couple gave us a ride home when they saw us staring at our city map trying to find the nearest public transit line. Here's the point- they were telling us how much they pay in rent to live in the heart of San Francisco. Old school, 70's style, one-bedroom apartment with no laundry and NO dishwasher (instant bond obviously), and guess how much they pay? $1950/month. And no, that doesn't include the $300/month they pay for their ONE parking space. I was astounded. I'll never complain about rent again. (unless I've since forgotten about this story, then naturally I would complain...)

Monday, May 12, 2008

City by the Bay

And a year goes by...

San Francisco was just fantastic. We loved it! We did everything on our list. Highlight for me by far was riding a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge - it was a tandem bike, so Rhett did all the work and I just enjoyed the scenery while I pretended to pedal. I was so entertained by the suicide warning signs all over the bridge:


So here's my question: If you are suicidal and looking for a way to off yourself, would the above sign be encouragement or discouragement? They might as well have said "Depressed? This'll do the trick. Jump here." But maybe it could help those cry-for-help-types, so that's good I suppose.

On a lighter note, we enjoyed a great 1st anniversary there - May 4th.
It's been a good year.