Saturday, May 24, 2008

What gives?

My car got totally side-swiped at the hospital parking lot, while I was inside undoubtedly saving lives. This was not just a little tap tap tappy either. They got all along the back door and the back panel above the wheel. But they must not have noticed the loud scraping sound coming from my car crying out in pain, because they neglected to leave a note, which is particularly classy. My beautiful dark blue sparkling Honda Accord just doesn't sparkle the way she used to anymore. She's damaged goods, and she knows it. The light in her eyes is gone. She's less than a year old - she's just a child for heck's sake! Honestly, this was not my favorite surprise.

So I'm bugged. Scratch that, I'm hopping mad. Thanks for listening.

Oh yes, and I also got pulled over by the Highway Patrol while traveling delightfully fast on my way home from work today. I was really speeding, reveling in the wide open freedom of I-15 on an early Saturday morning. I was already merging onto the shoulder before he even had to turn his lights on, I knew I was toast. I also could not find my insurance card ("I know it's in here somewhere..."), and Mr. Police Officer let me off with a verbal warning and a slap on the hand.

Take that, Murphy's Law.


  1. Dude! I'm mad for you! What the...? Maybe if it were the '92 Volvo that got scraped it wouldn't be that bad. She's already tainted goods. But the Accord? That's just wrong, man. I'm sorry about that situation. That really sucks.

    And congrats on the warning. You must've overwhelmed him with your winning personality. I wish I were as awesome as you are. Someday.

    Love ya, Nat.

  2. Oh, poor baby! Seriouly though, you lucky tramp. I for sure would have gotten a ticket. I'm sure the blood on your scrubs from all the lives you saved helped. Sorry about your car. Lame 4th floor deaf drivers.

  3. I am sorry! Lets find the person, maybe there was a hidden camera, and hurt their car.

    The same has happened twice to me in our work parking lot too! I just don't get it.

    Good thing you got a warning, it was probably the sly wink you gave him :).

  4. you little bi... you ALWAYS get away withOUT tickets~!! On the other note, I can't believe that someone would do such a thing (oh wait, yes i can--people these days are inconsiderate d-bags if you ask me)!! Its been much too long, I can't believe I didn't know this already, so we should be talking soon. Real soon...I need your medical assistance anywho.

  5. Bummer about your car, Nat.
    I scraped a shiny BMW while pulling into a parking spot in California last year. We left a note, and when the guy called us back he couldn't believe we'd left the note (I was momentarily tempted not to, but I would have still been stewing over it). Anyway, the insurance covered most of it. Is that why people don't leave notes? no insurance? laziness? just because they're big fat jerks?

    I'm sure that being beautiful and charming didn't hurt when interacting with the cop. Maybe he saw the fresh scratch on your car and felt sorry for you... No, probably it's just cuz he thought you were hot. :)

  6. I hate that!
    And yes, I believe the aforementioned d-bag didn't leave a note because:

    a) he/she wasn't insured
    b) they were stinkin' drunk
    c) totally tone-deaf
    d) all of the above.

    Oh, and were blessed with the most amazing eyelashes...a few bats with those puppies at ANY man and they are putty, cops and all.

  7. Hello My Darling Sister-in-Law!
    I am totally bummed for you! That really stinks that someone was so irresponsible to hit your car and leave! What is with the world these days? Oh, by the way I finally figured out this blog thing! Pretty exciting! Love Ya!

  8. Natalie!! I am so sorry. That is totally mest (yes...MEST) up! I hope that you and your car are doing ok. HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl! we need to get together ASAP and celebrate! :) Hope you have a good one. You sure deserve it.