Tuesday, June 3, 2008

one year older and wiser too

*June 2. That's the date of my birth. Having a twin and all, I've never celebrated alone. But something special happened this year. I had a Natalie-only birthday day. It was Sunday night, the night before the birthday, and I made everyone sing happy birthday dear Natalie... I gotta tell ya, it was pretty neat. Bless my brother, he was in attendance. He went right along with it like a sport. He's having his very own Nate-only birthday day next weekend in St. George. I'm invited, but it will be JUST Nate's birthday. If this is blowing your mind, just relax. We'll celebrate together again next year, I'm sure.

Instead of a current picture, I have included the above vintage shot of Nate and Nat. You may guess which one is me.

Something else strange happened during this festive celebration of my birth. Oh, and don't worry, if you weren't invited to my 'celebration' that's because it was actually a last-minute Sunday afternoon barbeque in my parent's backyard, boasting a guest list of strictly family plus approximately 2 people that I am not related to (could have been 3 if Vanessa's voicemail didn't fail me). But my mom re-used the matching tableclothes from my wedding, so that made it fancy. As I was saying, something strange happened during this festive celebration of my birth. So caught up in the celebrating was I, that I did not even think of removing my camera from the deepest pocket of the deepest depths of my purse down in the deepest bedroom of the very deepest darkest corner of the basement. It was deep enough to be out of my mind. I am generally very snap-happy. ("Oh, Rhett, you killed a spider on the wall with your shoe? Hold, on, let me get my camera and then you pose like I just happened upon you here in the midst of a spider-slaughtering-spree. Smile.") I like to capture the moments. I do. But during this momentous birthday weekend, I never once removed the camera from it's deep dark hiding place.
So now you must settle for a verbal description of the highlights. Ready?

1. Corn on the cob. It was my birthday request. Yes, it's too early for corn on the cob. But it's my birthday and I get what I want. Smith's only had a bushel and I bought all of it.
2. All my absolutely hilarious family members that I love so very dearly were there. (family can get trumped by corn, it's my birthday)
3. Shanna apparently "didn't get the memo" about no presents. Snakeskin heels with green stilhettos? Yes please.
4. Rhett was obviously excluded from the no presents clause. He wrapped all the things I picked out. But that good ole boy surprised me! He gave me a big fat box of rock-climbing gear! I got my own harness, shoes, muchas beaners, and the metal slider thing that lets you balet someone. (I don't have to spell rock climbing words correctly. It's my birthday.) And a rope! And a petzl headlamp! Also several other necessary items that I don't know the names of. And the greatest surprise of all is how incredibly excited I was (and still am) about this gear. I may not be good, but I'm excited about getting better. What I lack in upper-body strength I make up for in flexibility.

Let it be known that I am Natalie, novice rock-climber extraordinaire.

Thanks everyone for being my friends. I really love all of you. And I get to say it like this and it counts for all of you, because it's my birthday and I said so.
Seriously, I have great friends. Thanks guys.

*Special thanks to Vanessa the Scientist, from whom I stole this opening line, in her blog that is all about me. Thank you, Vanessa, for the greatest birthday card ever. Thanks for making me feel so special.